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TrueFlow Nano

Next Level Additive Admixing

Additive Admixing
Simple & Accurate Dye Admixing

While additive are being admixed, TrueFlow Nano measures, controls, and documents the flow with sensational ease and unparalleled precision in the nanoliter range. It is the ideal solution for components that have to meet stringent requirements and minimal tolerances. This is done in a closed control loop. The result is safe, optimal admixing of additives in the injection molding process.

The advantages of TrueFlow Nano are simply compelling:

  • Complicated mechanical adjustments of the dye valve are now a thing of the past. All it takes is entering the desired quantity of dye on the display. The additive will be admixed volumetrically to the main volume flow.
  • Logging of additive admixing is carried out in process data recording.
  • Fast dye and material changes (up to five additive lines) thanks to the simple structure of the mixing head, combined with a cooled one-way static mixer
  • Also available with gravimetric additive admixing
  • Available as an option for ServoMix
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