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Standardization & customization

Benefit from our long-term mold making experience and our worldwide unique technology. Based on the innovative Nexus valve gate control systems, we offer mold concepts for all application fields. Depending on the requirements, we develop either standardized or completely customized mold concepts.



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Mold concepts

Mold concepts

Two-plate concept

Mold with two plates for standard mold concepts. Perfect for O-rings, axial seals, etc.
Mold concepts

Center plate concept

Mold with 3 plates for push-out & blow-out concepts. Such as for frame seals.
Mold concepts

Slider concept

Thanks to additional movement against the closing direction within the mold, components with difficult geometry are molded in.
Mold concepts

Core bar concept

Mold with movable core bar and exchangeable inserts. Used, for example, with pacifiers and connecting hoses.
Mold concepts

Nexus Special: 128k Werkzeug

Based on the Nexus standardization concept. The filling quantity of each of the 128 nozzles can be individually adjusted.
Mold concepts

Nexus Special: 2k Molds

Perfect tools for all substrates that are to be overmolded or partially overmolded with silicone: e.g. thermoplastic or sheet metal inserts.

We guarantee the most flexible and modular mold concept on the market.

Timeshot & Flowset
End defective parts production

Timeshot & Flowset

  • Direct injection via valve gate systems
  • Individual control of each cavity (worldwide unique)
  • Guaranteed sprueless and low-flash injection molded products
  • No need for post-processing
  • Fewer production downtimes
100% Flexibility

With the standardized mold concepts from Nexus, master molds are combined with as many different inserts as desired. The result? You only need a single master tool and therefore avoid high acquisition costs.

Maximum flexibility
A master mold with an unlimited number of exchangeable mold inserts.
Minimized acquisition costs
Invest in just one master tool instead of many different ones.
Shorter delivery times
Master molds minimize delivery time, as only the mold inserts have to be manufactured.
Short change time
Save time and money by changing insert sets directly in the machine.
Automation solutions
Highest productivity

Automation solutions

Loading and unloading with automatic systems, gripper heads matched to the mold, integrated transport systems or inline camera technology for quality assurance: our know-how from all areas is used in the Nexus handling solutions.

Standardized modules and coordinated customization result in fully automated production cells - for the perfect solution for your production.

50% cycle time reduction

Thanks to the Nexus cold runner solution with FLOWSET-E, Promed has been able to cut cycle and cleaning time in half and therefore double production output.

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