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The best might as well be simple.

From vision to mission

We have revolutionized elastomer injection molding: Our solutions in the fields of dosing technology and mold construction guarantee precision. And where there is precision, potential savings are revealed and exploited: Save material, energy, time and money with solutions from Nexus.


Why Nexus?
Revolutionaries of the industry

Why Nexus?

We want to develop many more new solutions that will drive the industry forward. Because we are innovators with a lot of technical know-how and your partner for all challenges - with us, you don't just get products, but complete solutions.

Productivity as a product
We develop and offer modern systems that ensure maximum efficiency and safe productivity.
Reliable partner
We know no compromise when it comes to liability. With Nexus, you have a trusted expert at your side.
Lifetime Plus
We consider the entire production cycle of our customers and therefore ensure a competitive advantage in terms of total cost of ownership.
Passion connects
Nexus is a team of experts united by one thing: We want to provide our customers with a competitive advantage by offering innovative products and solutions.
Company size

15 years of experience, more than 80 ambitious employees worldwide and our three locations are the foundation of our expertise.

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Innovation beats intuition
The path to global technology leadership

Innovation beats intuition

For a long time, liquid silicone injection molding was a largely intuitive process. We founded Nexus in Austria in 2007 to make the procedures process-stable. Now we are a full-range supplier of systems for elastomer parts production.

There for you everywhere

From Austria to the whole world

As an Austrian company, we are proud to offer our solutions worldwide. Whether in our headquarter in Austria, or in our subsidiaries in the USA and China - our customers appreciate our reliable products and our first-class service. With extensive know-how and our passion for innovation, we are committed to ensuring that our customers are always optimally equipped in their production.

Our team

What unites us is the passion and joy of making new things happen in our industry. We are your partner for all important questions - contact us!


Dietmar Waizenauer CBDO & Managing Partner Europe & Rest of World +43 50 1215-102
Benjamin Fellinger CEO & Managing Partner Global +43 50 1215-103


Dietmar Waizenauer CBDO & Managing Partner Europe & Rest of World +43 50 1215-102
Markus Reiter Area Sales Manager Europe & Asia +43 50 1215-407
Patrick Malfent Area Sales Manager USA & China +43 50 1215-304
Mike Pelletier Area Sales Manager USA +1 248 798 9081
Mike Flander Area Sales Manager USA +1 763-360-2132


Kerstin Bergeron Human Resources +43 (0) 50 1215-200
Renate Waizenauer Human Resources +43 50 1215-201

Save material, energy, time
and money with Nexus!