Revolutionizing elastomer injection molding,
is our mission.

From vision to established company

In 2007, twin brothers Dietmar and Bernhard Waizenauer founded Nexus. Their vision was to revolutionize the largely intuitive processes of injection molding with liquid silicone (LSR) by employing new approaches to control technology and making the use of new technologies more stable.

Dynamic drive, thinking in all directions, and innovative approaches and solutions turned a startup into a firmly established and steadily growing company. Today, Nexus is a one-stop provider of systems used to manufacture LSR components and a technology leader in closed and open loop control and process engineering. Nexus solutions in the dosing and mold making segments have have revolutionized the industry.

Best ever in Eberstalzell

The company’s headquarters are in the newly built, spacious headquarters in Eberstalzell, Upper Austria. Manufacturing and administration are also concentrated here. Additional international locations are being established and expanded.

The team

Nexus is a team of experienced elastomer specialists and young, ambitious technicians who combine the passion and joy to make decisive changes in injection molding.

The team is led by:

Dietmar Waizenauer, BSc (Managing Director)

CSO & Managing Partner

Ing. Benjamin Fellinger (Managing Director)

CEO & Managing Partner


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Customers and Customer Promises.

Lasting partnerships are a hallmark of Nexus. Companies from a broad range of market sectors rely on Nexus, from manufacturers of household goods, electric appliances, and medical technology to the automotive sector. 95 % of its products are exported.

If productivity, quality, and straightforward solutions are what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place.


Our most important product:
your productivity

We develop and offer systems that ensure maximum efficiency and productivity


We are the right choice today. Because we offer pioneering systems.

We think innovatively in all directions, but we have a strict principle: every new Nexus solution must be simple and better. Simply next level.


Anything is possible.

Although we are very innovative, we are conservative in some things. We make no compromises when it comes to reliability and responsibility. At Nexus you only get sophisticated solutions.


We are cheaper every day, Nexus gives a lifetime cost advantage.

We think about the entire production cycle of our customers. This is how we ensure a head start in total cost of ownership.


We live transparency and openness. Our team is comitted to these values.

We live transparency from the quoting phase to the open book principle. Our stated values are understandable. As a partner, we are reliable, fair and objective.


What we will never do: stand still.

Nexus is a team of dedicated experts with diverse qualifications. One thing connects us all: We want our customers to advance. That is why we advance - with performance, passion and skill.


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