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Nexus Dosing

Efficiency is Nexus Dosing's top priority. Our LSR dosing systems are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in every aspect of elastomer injection molding. Save material, shorten your cycle times, and reduce drum change time. Thanks to our precise mixing ratios, you optimize every single injection process. Invest in technology that delivers on its promises.

LSR dosing systems

The most efficient LSR dosing systems on the market. Guaranteed.
  • 100% pulsation-free volume flow
  • 100% air-free material flow
  • 20g flushing volume (nexus only)

Our strengths
at a glance

Revolutionary efficiency

Thanks to the unique SPLITNEX technology, our dosing systems guarantee maximum material utilization and minimized loss.

Industry-leading expertise

At Nexus Dosing, we combine years of experience and in-depth knowledge in LSR injection molding, supported by our team of dedicated experts.

Simple and fast

Our systems score with intuitive operation and shortest cleaning times, further optimizing the production process.

Standard & individuality

Our dosing systems offer industry-leading standards but can also be specifically tailored to your production needs.

Long-lasting reliability

Each of our dosing systems is the result of comprehensive research and development and is designed to provide consistent performance under the most demanding conditions for years.

Environmentally conscious efficiency

Thanks to the Splitnex technology, our dosing systems contribute to sustainable production. They consume less material and save energy, reducing both the ecological footprint of your production and costs.

Save with
Nexus your annual material costs 
by #saving# €.

Kit size
6 60
1 Kit 50 Kits (A+B)
2 kg 30 kg
3 kg 20 kg
1 50 Applications

Trade fairs and events


LSR Conference

09. - 12. Sep, 2024
USA, Minneapolis


24. - 28. Sep, 2024
Taiwan, Taipei


15. - 19. Oct, 2024
Germany, Friedrichshafen

MD&M Minneapolis

16. - 17. Oct, 2024
USA, Minneapolis


11. - 14. Nov, 2024
Germany, Düsseldorf

Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

20. - 23. Nov, 2024
Indonesia, Jakarta

Silicone Elastomers World Summit

27. - 29. Nov, 2024
Netherlands, Amsterdam

With Nexus,
you don't just get products,
you get complete solutions.

Clarity at a glance - our FAQs.

What cost savings can I expect from using Nexus LSR dosing systems?

By using Nexus dosing systems, you benefit from a variety of cost savings. Our SPLITNEX technology guarantees a 100% air-free material flow, leading to less material waste, stable processes, and minimal mixing deviations. Additionally, our servo pumps ensure a completely pulsation-free volume flow, resulting in consistently precise mixing ratios and constant product quality.


The flushing loss during barrel changes is reduced to only 20g, which is independent of the machine operator. Additionally, the servo-driven drive technology and active pressure control at the mixing head result in energy savings of up to 70%. All of this leads to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements in your production.

Why are Nexus LSR dosing systems more efficient than other dosing systems on the market?

Nexus LSR dosing systems impress with their outstanding technology, especially thanks to the innovative SPLITNEX system. While many other dosing systems on the market work with piston pumps that create pulsations in the material mix, our systems use an innovative patented pump technology. This allows for a precise 1:1 mix of material A and B, without any deviations. The result? An absolutely air-free and accurate mixing ratio, which not only ensures higher product quality but also brings many other advantages to production.

What exactly does the NexCare service package include in detail?

The NexCare service package is our promise to you that we take care of every detail of your system. It includes regular maintenance and inspections to ensure that your systems are always in perfect condition. You also benefit from our fast on-site support from our experienced team of technicians. Additionally, as a NexCare customer, you receive special discounts and percentages on further orders from Nexus. We are always committed to supporting you with the best service, ensuring that your production runs smoothly and efficiently.

What does the training and support process look like?

Purchasing a Nexus LSR dosing system marks the beginning of a long-term partnership. For first-time customers, we offer comprehensive training to ensure that you and your team are familiar with the technology and can use it optimally. The training process includes both theoretical and practical units tailored specifically to your requirements. After training, our service technicians are always available to answer any questions and provide technical support. Our goal is to make you feel secure and supported from the start.

Are there case studies or examples that show the results of Nexus LSR dosing systems in real production environments?

Yes, at Nexus Dosing, we are proud to showcase success stories and case studies that demonstrate the capabilities of our dosing systems in various industries and production settings. These case studies not only highlight the technical advantages of our systems but also the real cost and time savings experienced by our customers. For detailed information and specific examples, our case studies can be read on our website under the "Casestudies" section.