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Unique dosing technology

SERVOMIX dosing systems from Nexus ensure the highest material usage on the market thanks to the worldwide unique SPLITNEX technology, guaranteed!
Energy efficiency, usability and cleaning time are unbeatable.



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The flagship of the Nexus dosing systems with cantilever machine concept for maximum accessibility during replacement.


The most economical LSR dosing system on the market. For maximum flexibility and easy cleaning.


The most compact plant for smaller production volumes. Maximum accessibility when changing drums and the easiest cleaning.


The unique system for the smallest production quantities with cartridge loading. Ideal for expensive materials due to the low material loss.

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Modular processing unit
Maximum efficiency increase

Modular processing unit

  • Horizontal static mixer
  • Fast color change
  • Precise color addition from 0.05% to 20%
  • Modular design, configurable according to applications
  • Almost unlimited type and number of additives
  • Compatible with all Nexus dosing systems
  • Fastest cleaning in 20 or 50 min. (without/with color)
100% air-free material flow

SPLITNEX from Nexus permanently separates air bubbles in the LSR material. The result? Guaranteed air-free silicone, less wasted material, more stable processes, lowest mixing deviations.

100% pulsation-free volume flow
Pulsation-free, consistent volume flow for precise mixing ratios - thanks to the servo pumps. This ensures continuously stable processes and consistent product quality.
20g Flushing quantity
More than 1.5 kg of flushing quantity is lost with a conventional shovel pump system at every drum change - thanks to SPLITNEX it is only 20g with Nexus dosing systems, independent of the machine operator.
up to 70 % energy saving
Thanks to servo-driven technology and active pressure control at the processing unit, no energy is wasted. This saves both energy and costs.
up to 30% cycle time reduction
SPLITNEX ensures highly precise mixing ratios - the more stable and reliable the mixing ratio, the shorter cycle times are possible.
Special applications that impress.
Our technology in real use

Special applications that impress.

Our customers don't just choose Nexus Dosing; they trust it to fundamentally transform their production. With our specialized special applications like Coating, Direct Inject, and Central Feeding, companies from various industries have optimized their processes and achieved significant cost savings.


Discover how Nexus Dosing enables profound positive changes in production.

28% cycle time reduction: Our customer Dymotek was able to significantly speed up the production process with a Nexus SERVOMIX X200.

Thanks to a more precise mixing ratio, the cycle time has been reduced by 28%. As a result, the production output at Dymotek is approx. 40% higher than before.

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